Natascha Breda is the owner and designer of the NBO Designs label. From a young age she already has 1 passion and that is fashion.


As a little girl she was already behind her mother's sewing machine or was drawing designs. After training in styling and design and training to be a Fashiondesigner she started her label NBO Designs in 2016.

Twice a year a collection is released and she is currently busy with making a new epic line.


The designs are all unique and exclusive, she makes 2/3 pieces of each design so that it remains exclusively exclusive. The designs of NBO Designs are characterized by the extra feminine appearance.

You can also go visit in her studio in Rotterdam for a handmade design that is made especially for you.

She gets her inspiration from nature, especially flowers, travel, classical music, old films. People's stories, behind each design is also a story.
She thinks this is so beautiful about the creative profession, that is where you get and take on all the passion of life.

I am Natascha Breda, 44 years young. I live and work in Rotterdam. I have a son who is now 18 years old. I studied fashion designs and styling and financial management.  I like to make paintings and stay creative. I love drawing, walking, making candles and waxmelts, skating, running, gardening, reading, meditation, short trips 

Take it as it comes. The beauty of Life lies in its unpredictability. The only way to deal with reality is to embrace it and to go with the flow. 

-Natascha Breda

What inspires you our who inspires you ?

JP Gaultier is my inspiration, together with Salvador Dali. I like people who are different and try new things both have a  beautiful imagination which you can see in their art work. Also Mariah Carey ,  a lot of her songs they get me and I can relate with the things see sings about. Classical music always inspires me a lot.

What is your brand / Company all about?

My brand is all about feminity, I love too design dresses who show a woman's body in the most perfect way. I think a lot of woman take the easy way and forget to treat therselfs as a beautiful person or don't take the time or just like typical dutch "be normal" . I am hoping to inspire woman to show there feminity with my dresses.

Are there new things coming up so yes what ? spill the tea?

Yes, I am working on a new concept for my designs but it is not yet complete so I can't say much about it yet. 

what do people dont know about you yet ?

Addicted to coffee I think

Where do you see yourself in 5 years

I don't know, everything can change,

I always go with the flow. 

What defines you?

I define myself as a spiritual woman who works hard on her dreams and believes love is the answer to everything.

You must merely submit to that way and go with the flow. When you hate what is, it causes grief, anger, stress and suffering. But when you take it as it comes, Life is simpler even if it is not any easier!”

-Natascha Breda

How do you think of more diversity in the fashion world?

I think it is a perfect thing also on the other hand it takes a lot of modifications But it's a start to a better world. 

What does ‘diversity’means to you?

To me Diversity means include everyone if they are good for the job. You need to look at the person behind  a handicap / color / age / male / female and see the quality's they have without judgement. Everybody is beautiful in their own way and if you can see that in a person, you give them something beautiful.

Are there things that needs to be changed in the fashion world if so what is it?

he one thing I would love to be changed in the fashion world, Is look with your heart instead of your eyes

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We are at the last question, what did you think about this interview and do you have any tips for our readers?!

I like the questions of this intervieuw. My main tip is to follow your heart, always. It can give you positive or sometimes a negative experience but the main goal is if you listen to your own voice and follow this ,you create something beautiful for yourself 

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