My name is Olga. I have two different and original brands. I take part in different social and charitable events and try to help those most in need. I am always looking to collaborate with different artists and personalities, because she believes that in this world we all have to support each other.

I am always aspires to the highest. I dreamed of being in the most prestigious fashion magazine..and I did it. I appeared in Vogue i dreamed of breaking international barriers... and I did.

My brands went out in USA - TV show American Beauty Star Now my dream is to beat 1 GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS® and register a new one, with my big event, WORLDVISION FASHION SHOW. And I am sure I will get it.

I studied Mechanical Engineering and dedicated myself most of my life to perform this trade until 3 years ago when I decided to leave everything behind and finally follow my real dreams of being in the fashion industry. I have always been passionate about fashion, unfortunately that choice in career was never accepted by my family or my culture.

What are your interests and hobbies:

 The most important one is Fashion of course. A part from that I love to travel, to dance, to go for walks on the beach, read books, watch movies. Life is beautiful, there are so many amazing things available out there.

What is World Vision Fashion Show about? 

A wonderful fashion show guided by great hosts. Fashion anthem created through an international contest will start Fashion Show


 More than 20 acclaimed and new designers will show their designs on the catwalk


 420 professional models and celebrities

 420 different looks


 In addition, at the same time there will be developed incredible artistic shows: dj sets, music and dance performances. It is a platform where all the countries are united to share their designs. It is a unique project where just in one show you can see designers and their creation from all around the world. It is something that has not been done before. During WorldVision Fashion Show every country will have the opportunity to share their creations, traditions and let us submerge in the magic world of fashion.

What defines you?

My uniqueness, love for other people, the desire to make this world better and make every single person feel beautiful and secure in their own skin. That is why also part of the profit that from my events goes to several charities because I know that there are many unfortunate people and we need to help each other. Together we are stronger. I believe that even if you smile to one random person a day that will already have a great effect in the humanity. Imagine if we all did just that small act of kindness?

Where do you see yourself in 5 years

I see myself continue designing and creating unique looks, organizing wonderful fashion events and uniting the world of fashion. I would like to be able to give a platform to all the fashion designers where they could share their creations with the rest of the world. There are so many talented people out there and I would not want them to wait so many years like I had to in order to share their talent and inspire the rest of the world. That was led me to the creation of WorldVision Fashion Show.

How do you think of more diversity in the fashion world?

I think we should remove all the barriers and create a fashion world without borders or stereotypes. Fashion keeps changing, a few centuries ago bigger size women were the ones to follow and now if you are bigger then they say you are not good enough or pretty enough. No one is perfect, everyone is unique. Even tweens, two people who are supposed to be completely the same, are not

What does ‘diversity’means to you?

Diversity for me is the acceptance and understanding that everyone is different and special in their own ways. That every single people has something to offer. People should not be discriminated for their size, color, age, disability, sexual orientation, etc. Everyone should feel like they are the most beautiful person in the world and not only just for that one day they are on the podium, but every single day of their lives. . .

I would like every women or men, feels like they are the handmade doll,

unique, beautiful, comfortable and be included in society

Are there things that needs to be changed in the fashion world if so what is it?

I think it should be accessible and relocatable for all the public. I have heard too many people saying they like an outfit or a designer and that they don’t have their size or they are afraid of wearing it because it is too different. I think there is a lot of competition and judgment. The models should not be on diets eating cotton balls, which are very dangerous, only to follow that dream of being a model. Many of these models are taken as an example by many teenagers. This creates them insecurities, food disorders, etc. We have to create good examples. We have to let people know that it is okay to be short or tall , big or small, two arms or one arm. It is OKAY! The most important is to live a healthy life and take the best care of your own body and mind. That is the true happiness.

Also , I against the colors and type of tendencies. The person shall wear the color and type of clothes that suit her /him. We should not create tendencies. The fashion shall be free.

In my case personally I make clothes for all sizes and all ages, etc. that suit better for the type of body and face .

Who is your example?

I love people who passionate about what they do and not thinking just about money. People who love to help to each other. My example are people who are humble, not afraid to be different, people who are kind and are passionate about fashion.

What did you think of this interview and do you have any tips for our readers?!

You have great questions. Tips that I would give to your readers, is to follow their passion, to love themselves and love others, to respect the decision others make even if these are not according your principles, complement each other on their outfits, share ideas. Most important is to just be yourself and follow your dreams regardless of the difficulties you might encounter on the way. . It is does not matter the age.

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