Z I Z A C R E A T I O N S 

Ziza's in fashion began at a tender age inspired by his mother who is a known stylist herself. He has showcased his designs for high-end fashion shows throughout Africa. Headquartered in Kololi, The Gambia, Ziza has displayed his artistry in many fashion shows including “Back-to-the Land Cultural Expo,” and Gambia Fashion Night at the Sheraton. His Excellency, the president of the Republic, Sheikh Professor Dr. Alhaji Yahya AJJ Jammeh Nasiru Deen is very much supportive of the initiative and has supported Ziza prior creative endeavor

Bad things do happen; how I respond to them defines my character and the quality of my life. I can choose to sit in perpetual sadness, immobilized by the gravity of my loss, or I can choose to rise from the pain and treasure the most precious gift I have - life itself.


Abdul Aziz Lowe - Ziza Creations

My name is Abdul Aziz Lowe , i am an international Fashion designer based in The Gambia.   
I study Arts . My interest is in fashion and arts and my hobbies include going to the beach and designing.
I was inspired by my mom , who was a local fashion designer . 


My black and white collection 2019  was mad for diversity fashion week, inspired by the song of Lucke Duby - one people different color.

As we celebrate oneness and togetherness through fashion, I dedicated this collection to everyone who believes in this togetherness as skin do not define any human.


I used African print fabric both black and white to portray this message of one people but different colors. I also used models from different backgrounds and ethnic on my collection as inspired.

What is your brand / Company all about?

It’s about creating and designing  for everyone. I make clothes for all body types from children to adults for women and men. My designs tell a lot about myself and who I am I am mainly inspired by everything that happens around me my great inspiration is my mother and that is also where I got alot of my inspiration from.

What defines you?

My unique creation and sense of styling. my creation goes deeper and is deeper than people think with my clothing line I tell a story every time with each new creation it is different and I don't just make 1 outfit I make a whole collection

Are there new things coming up so yes what ? 

I am working on a lot of new designs for young and old, the intention was that I would participate in diversity fashion week last year but unfortunately due to the covid19 I could not be there on time but that gives me enough time to prepare the next edition. I will be first showcasing my new designs at diversity fashion week and then preparing for other shows.


Models from Diversity Model Agency 

Photography : Marcel Schwab

Styling MUAH by Fashionablestylist SS

Where do you see yourself in 5 years

I see myself designing for super stars  in Hollywood the likes of - Beyoncé , Rihanna , kelly Rowland , Chris brown and lady Gaga and other surprise which will be soon reveal. 

How do you think of more diversity in the fashion world? and What does ‘diversity’means to you?

think of diversity as something that everyone should consider especially designers like myself and I think we have to promote this agenda of inclusivity for more diverse space. 

what do people dont know about you yet ?

I am very good actor  - starred in few international movies back then and expecting to do my own production. Very soon. 

Are there things that needs to be changed in the fashion world if so what is it?

Diversity should more promoted and designers should also consider all and different kinds of people, so if I am to change anything in the fashion world today , push this agenda bridge discrimination. 

We are at the last question, what did you think aboute this interview and do you have any tips for our readers?!

I think is a very good thing that will help promote my brand and for people who doesn’t know me gets to know me moreeee and what my brand represents.

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