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Prevent bullying. Do your part!!.

Remember in middle school/junior high when everyone was working against stopping bullying? Remember when we heard about countless issues of students dropping out

or hurting themselves because of bullying and we wanted to do everything in our power to stop it? Why did that movement ever stop? Why is nobody talking about bullying anymore? If you think that bullying has ceased to an end...

you are very, very incorrect.

Join the Campaign online. Use the hashtags #pulsemagazine #notobullying and tag us on Facebook / Instagram.
Unless and until our society recognizes bullying for what it is, the suffering of thousands of silent victims will continue.



Join the Campaign online

Join the Campaign online. Use the hashtags #pulsemagazine #notobullying and tag us on Facebook / Instagram.


Why is playground bullying a social issue?

Why is bullying a social issue? There are many social issues that need to be addressed, but playground bullying in one way or another has affected everybody. Bullying is classified as “aggressive behavior where a dominant individual or group abuses their greater power by threatening a less dominant individual. Bullying usually has a large impact on how a person perceives and presents themselves in society. The majority of bullying happens on the playground when there is minimal supervision and surveillance which not only means that there is more bullying but the bullying is much worse, it is more likely to be physical, vicious and continuous.


That which we call “bullying” is a form of aggression, located on a continuum with a wide range of other forms of abuse and assault against children, such as physical, sexual, verbal and emotional abuse, perpetrated by peers, by known adults or by strangers. Essentially, all forms of aggression constitute the abuse of a power imbalance, a negative use of power in order to dominate, subjugate, control and humiliate another human being.

Seen in this light, we can understand bullying not only as learned behavior, but as a social problem. It is not limited to schools and social relationships among children. Bullying in many forms can be found in a variety of relationships among adults as well.

It never went away, so let's not pretend it's not there.

We find bullying at all levels and in all spheres  both private and public of our society. Bullying can occur in families and in intimate relationships, often (though not exclusively) through violence against women and children. We see bullying in workplaces and in institutions, in sports, in politics and in the media, though it may bear a different name when adults are involved.

So how do we recognize bullying, and how do we stop it?

There are many forms of bullying including verbally (name calling, yelling, insulting etc.), physical (pushing, hitting, kicking etc.), cyber (any harassment on internet or social media), and neglect (ignoring, laughing at someone, excluding someone on purpose etc.) are just the most common forms. How do we stop this? I'm sure you have all heard before that if you see any of these things happening that you tell somebody of authority or step in yourself and save this person from harassment. Otherwise, you can always go up to the person being bullied and try to help out. Be their friend, be a shoulder to lean on, and stick up for them. It can change a life and make someone extremely happy.

Why is bullying being overseen?

Sadly, it is because we have become so immune to it. We see it every day. Therefore, it really has no affect on us anymore. People are so blind to it that we don't know what bullying is unless it is straight forward and seen by everyone. Teachers even see bullying, but deny that it has ever happened. Principals will do nothing to help situations, and people just want the victims to "deal with it." The first step in solving a problem is realizing there is one, so if you see somebody getting bullied, tell somebody else and get help for those people. If you are the one being bullied, just remember that you are worth more than you think. One day, you will become something wonderful. You are a beautiful person.

The moral of the story is don't sit back and let these things happen. People are mean, and some don't care how mean they are to others. Don't act like things are just going to "get better." Be the change you want to see in other people.

Stand up, be brave, and make somebody's life a little better. Someone that you know, that walks the same hallways as you every day, needs a helping hand right now.

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