Introducing young and talented designer Isabelle Wildenburg. 

She graduated this year with flying colors at the Amsterdam Fashion Acadamy.


Being creative and working hard that's so Isabelle.

Photos by : Gaston

She was a student at the Amsterdam Fashion Academy just graduated, living in Dubai and born in 1997. With an eye for colors, textures and patterns, she visualize things in 3D. With the challenges of deadlines and budgets, she likes working in a team and hope to learn every day from professionals around her.



The exam assignment was completed in Dubai. For two months she has been working almost day and night, with professional help, to perfect her collection SPORT COUTURE


Photos by Marcel

That someone at the age of 21 attracts attention in the field of fashion is special. Isabelle calls herself a lucky girl. "At the Academy I was by far the youngest." Four years ago, during an open day, she met the director of the international study program. A follow-up appointment was made. She was taken to a room with a wide variety of fabrics in all kinds of colors. "I was instructed to pin a dress on a doll. I had never done anything like this before." With her 17 years she still started to work. ,, I liked a yellow fabric and went to work. When it turned out that the quantity was not enough for a dress, I continued with blue fabric. "The result turned out to impress." Students thought it was my final exam assignment. Although Isabelle did not have the required prior education (HAVO-MBO), she was nevertheless admitted to the education. In the first year she was given the opportunity to develop her own style.

She did an internship that year with the recently deceased fashion icon Karl Lagerfeld, the chief designer of Chanel. In the second year of her studies, young designer a “recycle assignment.” All sorts of bags from supermarkets, among other things, were collected and processed into items of clothing, and the result was selected as talent by fashion house Viktor & Rolf from four academies. She will never forget Anna Sui. She wanted to meet the famous American fashion designer to ask if she could get an internship there. Isabelle received no reply to the mails sent. She brutally entered the office of the famous designer during a vacation. As a result, she was allowed to come back for an internship.

Isabelle now has her own clothing brand: D1RT. The word that refers to "dirty" is also used for "money." The idea for the name was born when she started to process all kinds of 'dirty' sports articles into clothing, hats and bags. Quite a job was the processing of shoes, shirts, pants and balls that she got from the Amersfoort Untouchables American Football Club. Now that she graduated, the young designer  is now busy developing her brand in Dubai.

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