Mystic Fantasy Creations.

Miriam is a Dutch designer

Her creations are one of a kind and her brand says it all.

All the pieces are handmade and full of fantasy. She creates wearable art for photoshoots and events. 1 november she had her first fashionshow in this hard time she showed 10 pieces that all had story on the runway and brought the sneak peek winter wonder land edition to real live.


She opened the show with one of her special pieces worn by the founder ceo of the show followed with her beautiful collection and end piece, worn by amazing models from Diversity Model Agency in the venue of EFE in Amsterdam.

She also works with Monique Desar who makes clothes in all kinds of style from fairy tail dresses to fully styled body suits also  all made by hand.


Most of the dresses that Miriam uses also come from Monique Desar. Through the website of Monique you can also rent clothing and head pieces for a affordable price.

This is what she loves to do create designs that make the women feel more powerful , she stands for diversity and embraces all beauty in every shape or form. She loves to make people happy with her designs



Winter Wonder Land Sneak peek edition inspired by "Alice Through the Looking glass" Online #livestream 1- 11- 2020 . . . Designer: Miriam Collection : Mystic Fantasy Creations @mystic_fantasy_creations W dresses of : @moniquedesar_venlo Founder - CEO : @modelsensi Videography : @darksentientofficial Choreographer : Jerry Luxeburg Models : @diversitymodelagency-dma DFW Models : @neilaadp , @aryellefreeman_hopelezz W Model : @gabyalana_ Videographer : Jean Evan de Waele Location: EFEVENUE

Photography by Marcel maximiliaan schwab

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2 years ago

Is het mogelijk iets te laten maken bij jullie? Ik ben nu samen met Sensi in Dubai

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